Linwood Bible Chapel

Who are we?

Linwood 2004
This is some of us in 2004 (Click for larger image)

We are a small family-oriented inner suburban church. We are a mix of different ages and cultures, united in our wish to serve God in this area

What kind of church are we?

We believe that the Bible teaches that each gathering of the Christians should be responsible directly to the Head of the Church who is the Lord Jesus. The Bible as God's word to us is our only authority, so we don't have any other set of rules that we have to follow.
We accept all those who have truly turned from their sin to trust in Jesus as our Christian brothers and sisters, no matter what denomination they belong to.
Although we aren't part of a denomination, gatherings of God's people who meet as we do are sometimes known as the "Open Brethren".

What do we believe?

We believe the entire Bible is God's message to the world. Some of the things we learn in the Bible are:
The Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God and was born as a man.
His death was a sacrifice for our sins.
He rose from the dead and went to be with God.
He will come again for His people.
The good news of Jesus for everyone is that we can have peace with God if we turn from our sin and trust in Jesus as our Saviour.
If we turn away from Him, we will be eternally separated from him.
Christians need to grow spiritually in fellowship with other Christians